Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Can you believe it? Only 52 days till Christmas! Now, this has a double meaning for me, because by the time Christmas gets here I will have barely any time left till I am due with this wonderful little girl! Holy cow!!

So, as I said in my post from the other day, I am going to try to make a Christmas Card everyday this month, so that way I should have all my Christmas Cards done by the end of the month. Now, the last couple of days got real busy, because I had to do some running around for things for my sister-in-law and my new little nephew. But, this morning I have lots of other stuff that I could be doing nothing to do, so I am going to work on some cards that I have been planning out.

So, what does that mean for you guys? Hopefully, a few posts this morning from me!

Also, I am using some planning pages for my Christmas Card and gift giving organization and wanted to let you know where you can find them, because they are great. So go to Organized Chritmas and you will find tons of stuff to help you get your holidays in order.

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