Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Two posts in one day I know! If you are looking for my Christmas Card post please go here...
Countdown to Christmas Cards #2

This is what I am trying to keep in mind these last few weeks of this pregnancy. I am starting to feel very overwhelmed with the numerous things that need to get done, along with all of the daily things that seem to be not getting done. My sleep is becoming non-existant, making my energy also non-existant.

However, I am trying to remember that all those things don't matter. My kids don't care if I am the perfect mom, they just want to be loved and I give them that. So, even if there is a pile of dirty clothes on their floor, the refridgerator is over flowing with things that need to be cleaned out of it, there are 2, yes 2, bags of garbage still in my kitchen that need to be taken out, and the dishwasher needs to be unloaded so that the dishes that are in the sink can be loaded, the only thing that matters is that everyone is happy and healthy (we're working on the healthy since we have all been sick this week).

So, my confession today is that I am NOT Supermom, nor will I probably even be and I am okay with that. Anyone else feel like they are an unSupermom living in a world that makes you feel like you should be and do everything?

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  1. ME!! Yes in a hyper world of high expectations I too come up short on the SUPERMOM chart, but my boys love me, and are happy and healthy, and would rather I play with them, than clean up behind them! Yes, I'm o.k with that! From one non super Mom to another: HIGH FIVE! WAY TO GO! CHEERS! Because if you've figured out that dirty clothes on the floor and a stinky fridge doesn't matter as much as your love and devotion to your family, then I'd say you are the best kind of MOM there is!!