Tiger Cubs of Pack 1591

Schedule for Pack Meetings and Outings

October 24th 6-7 pm

November 7th 6-7 pm - Go See It at the Madison Heights Police Station
November 9th 6-7 pm - Canned Food Drive bag hand out
November 12th 9 am - Canned Food Drive bag collection
November 16th 7-8:30 pm (Troop Meeting)
November 21st 6-7 pm
November 28th 6-7 pm

December 5th 6-7 pm
December 12th 6-7 pm

January 13th-14th 5 pm - 10 am (Scout Sleepover)
January 18th 7-8:30 pm (Troop Meeting)
January 23rd 6-7 pm